We butcher our animals each year in the fall directly from green pastures. It is advisable to place your order early in the spring to ensure availability.

We sell beef by the side, which is a half, or by the split quarter by hanging weight. The hanging weight is the carcass weight without hide, head, hooves, blood, and organs. A half beef is about 200 to 300 lbs hanging weight, and a quarter about 100 to 150 lbs hanging weight. We do our best to estimate the weight of the animal, however, it is realistic to expect variations of +/- 50 lbs.

We sell pork by the whole or half. A whole is about 150 to 220 lbs hanging weight, and a half 75 to 110 lbs hanging weight. Please expect variations.


To place an order, go to the order page and submit your information and deposit. Orders are not final until we send you a confirmation email.